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Mobile Exhibits

Bringing the STAR ECO Station to You!

Mobile Museums • Assemblies • Workshops

Our Mobile Museum: Walk-through Roaring Rainforest
We set up one or two camouflaged booth(s), which can depend on the availability of space and the number of staff needed. These booths will consist of 2 to 6, plexi-glass/glass tanks that will exhibit some of our rescued exotic wildlife. You and your students will have the opportunity to walk through and view these animals at your own pace. Depending on the number of people visiting the booth your ECO Guide(s) will take out animals to touch. Our Mobile Museum often travels to Parent Nights, Science Nights, Open Houses, Career Days, Festivals and Fairs.
• 4 hour exhibit time • More time available for an additional charge

Our Assembly: STAR ECO Station on Wheels

We come loaded with animals & animal products for a half hour to an hour show about our rescued exotic wildlife. Traveling the globe, you and your students will visit the rainforest through the lives of the animals while experiencing them with their hands. During the show your students will learn lots of interesting facts about the animals, the rainforest and themselves as we will address the importance of saving the worlds’ rainforests. Our Assembly is often featured at Parent Nights, Science Nights, Open Houses, Career Days, and during regular school hours.
•Presentation time: 30 minutes to hour • over 40 children
*Discounted rate after the first presentation

Our Workshops

We arrive ready for an adventure! Depending on the number of presentations (weekly classes welcomed) and topic, we bring animals to fill an hour long hands-on experience. During our visit your group will learn unique information about the animals and our work for preservation and conservation. Our topics are flexible and can easily be customized, just to name a few… Adaptations, Rainforest, Camouflage, Biomes, ETC. Our Workshops are often featured at Parent Nights, Science Nights, Open Houses, Career Days, and during regular school hours.
• 40 people or less • Presentation time: 45 minutes to hour

GATE Classes

We will travel almost everywhere to provide classroom instruction
The largest provider of Gifted and Talented Education in California. Classes before, during and after school, parent/child events, Family Nights, Super Saturdays and more.Afterschool classes, school day in-class supplemental programs, mobile exhibits, classroom workshops, assemblies, science fairs, and school events.

Our mobile museum is a whole lot of fun!
One of a kind assembly with hands-on projects.

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