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  • Letter of Commendation to STAR, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • President’s Volunteer Service Award

  • Certificate of Commendation to STAR Education by Governor Gray Davis

  • Certificate of Commendation to STAR Education from Culver City USD, La Ballona Elementary

  • Los Angeles County Recognition of Service by Yvonne B. Burke

  • “Best Educational Day Camp” by Family Choice, Family Magazine

  • “Best Teaching Zoo/Animal Rescue” awarded to STAR Eco Station, LA Parent Magazine

  • “Best Place to See Animals” awarded to STAR Eco Station, LA Family Magazine

  • World Trust Foundation’s Environmental Education Outreach Award, Earth Day

  • Médaille d’Excellencefrom Fête D’Excellence in collaboration with the United Nations, awarded to STAR Eco Station founders, for their role in Youth Environmental Education, Geneva, Switzerland 

  • California Assembly Resolution to STAR Eco Station by Herb Wesson

  • California Assembly Certificate of Recognition to Katya Bozzi by Herb Wesson

  • City of Culver City Proclamation to STAR Eco Station by Mayor Ed Wolkowitz

  • Certificate of Recognition to STAR Eco Station from the County of Los Angeles

  • Certificate of Commendation in recognition of STAR by Mayor Richard Riordan

  • STAR selected as a “Model Program” by the White House & U.S. Dept of Education

  • Largest provider of Gifted And Talented Education programs (G.A.T.E.) in California

  • STAR selected statewide provider for No Child Left Behind by the California Dept. of Education

  • STAR Eco Station is designated an Official Wildlife Rescue Center by the US Fish & Wildlife Service

  • Hosted Paw Projectfounded and Director by veterinary surgeon Dr. Jennifer Conrad, to increase public awareness of the painful and crippling effects on feline declawing, to abolish the practice of declaw surgery, and to rehabilitate big cats that have been declawed. 

  • Founder Erick Bozzi selected as an official representative of the World-Wide Baykeeper Alliance.

  • Received commendation from the President of Columbia for environmental education in the Amazon jungle in collaboration with the CDA.

  • Working partnership with CDA to conduct environmental education project in schools directed toward conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem.

  • Signed a memorandum of understanding with Conservation International, Colombia to operate two biological research and education centers in the Amazonian Rainforest (funded by CI).

  • Signed a memorandum of understanding with Corporation ECO Habitat to collaborate in an environmental conservation program in Cartagena Bay, Colombia to recuperate aquatic ecosystems that are severely compromised by existing industrial and domestic pollution (funded by Water Keeper Alliance).

2010 - present

2010 - present

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